About Us

MBOLDEND, LLC is a workflow solution providing company specialization in UME/ GME Accreditation (Initial, Maintenance & Site Visit Preparation). Get required a consultation of newly accredited programs and events with recent regime changes. Our team of healthcare experts can offer industry-standard support to new or inexperienced coordinators. 

MBOLDEND is an accredited medical education management platform, which can meet the differences between UME & GME. We are purposefully created to support the most complicated GME Institutions. Our goal is to offer reliable administrative solutions and mandatory guidance to whoever is in need of administrative support. Our experts can manage your institution’s academic programs, accreditation, and administrative workflows to ensure quality services.

MBOLDEND has a complete suite of tools to help your clinical institution manage all aspects of training. We can guide whoever is in need of the best clinical assistance. Our administrative assistance will cost as per your program’s complexities. After initially measuring your institution’s academic programs, we will offer a market-standard rate. Also, most of the work is custom-made with your programs. 

Our Mission and Philosophy

MBOLDEND is a curriculum-oriented platform, which competes with multiple international academic standards to promote quality. Our primary goal is to offer reliable solutions for training programs as clients, in which professional assistance is required. Our growing team of healthcare experts is passionate about usability and user experience, as we specialize in medical education to create an advanced institutional platform. 

Our mission isn’t only to simplify workflow but also to save time and energy for trainees to focus on becoming better physicians. With over 10 Years of GME experience, we can offer the required solution to manage several problems related to the training programs. MBOLDEND was established with a vision to create an all-in-one, medical education management platform for healthcare workers and students.

Our philosophy is to foster an environment that provides House Staff with less stress during one of the most stressful times of their careers. We offer ease of stress with our solutions.

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